How We Work:

Step 1:

Let's make it effortless for you: Together we'll meticulously organize your financial documents and tailor reliable accounting software, ensuring a seamless setup for seamless bookkeeping that truly suits your business needs.

Step 2:

Your Finances, Our Expertise: With a dedicated approach, we ensure your financial data is not just accurate but forms the bedrock for well informed decisions and precise financial statements designed to propel your business forward.

Step 3:

Your Real Time Financial Ally: Experience the power of timely insights. Our expertise lies in crafting precise financial reports and summaries tailored to you.

Step 4:

Your Tax-Ready Confidence Boost: We not only ensure your books are meticulously closed and organized, providing real time updates, but we also take away the stress, allowing you to have total peace of mind in preparation for the tax season.

Clean Up:

Midtown Bookkeeping's Catch-Up Services swiftly update neglected financial records, providing a clear financial trajectory. From missed months to years, we but your financials back on track for informed business moves.

Expert CPA Partnership:

If you don't have a CPA, worry not! We've partnered with a highly skilled CPA with over 30 years experience, specializing in advanced tax planning and adept handling of IRS audits.

Services We Provide:

Data Entry & Transaction Recording: 

Crafting Financial Clarity Transaction by Transaction.

General Ledger Maintenance:

Empowering Visionaries Through Organized Finance.


Bank Reconciliation:

Every Penny Aligned, Every Detail Clarified.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable:

Flowing Finance, Keeping Your Vision Uninterrupted.


Financial Reporting:

Insights Illuminated, One Detail at a Time


Expense Tracking & Categorization:

Every Cent Accounted, Empowering Your Expenses


Record Maintenance &Documentation:

Your Financial Journey, Organized and Secured.


Invoicing & Billing:

Effortless Invoicing, Punctual Payments, Every Interaction Counts.